30 Day Challenge


newyorkerI just spent a couple of weeks in NYC. It had been about 10 years since the last time, so the city and its skyline had changed quite a bit, again. New buildings, new parks… And it’s So Clean!

The weather was beautiful most of the time, too.

We spent about four hours inside the 911 Museum one day (the cafe inside serves the best coffee in town by the way). I would have a Finnish word “päräyttävä” to describe my feelings, but not a good one in English. If I try to translate that word, it would be something like one of those horrible sounding old alarm clocks going off when you’re in your deepest sleep – if you know what I mean.

I’ve seen the buildings in 1996, that terrible day on TV, then the hole, which made me wonder if there’s a limit to the evil in the world, and now what’s been built from it: The beautiful park. And in fact, it all has happened in a relatively short time.

Coming home on Saturday, I totally underestimated the power of jetlag – again – so the blog post I planned to write on Monday just did not emerge.

Therefore I’m just going to tip you off with a 30 Day Challenge I bumped into a while ago. Very powerful one, too.


Most people tend to think, that everything new should start “next Monday”, but I’d say today is as next Monday as it gets, so if you feel like there’s something for you, start today, ok. And more importantly: Stick ’til the end!

That’s how changes take place.

Or you can just (hopefully) enjoy some of the photos I took on my trip:



Greenwich Village




Empire State Building


Central Park


911 Memorial Park


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(My camera is Canon EOS 500D with EF 50 mm lens)


  • Catarina

    Reply Reply November 18, 2014

    Gosh, I have not been to New York since 9/11 for the simple reason that my passport was issued in Saudi Arabia with stamps from a multitude of Middle Eastern countries.

    If I went to the US I would be pulled in and interrogated by someone who has never set foot in the region but wants to make sure I’m not a terrorist. The smallest thing would make them arrest me. Am sure you agree with me that such an experience is something to be avoided.

    So going to the United States will not be my 30 day challenge:-)

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply November 18, 2014

      I probably wouldn’t have gone if I were you (or perhaps I would have gotten myself a new passport for it).

      But I also choose to believe all that madness will end one day. These days it seems to be getting worse though. For instance, shops at the airport cannot allow you to carry your purchase of cosmetics to the gate yourself, which is just plain insane. Have no idea why, we were just told “it’s a new rule”.

  • Lenie

    Reply Reply November 18, 2014

    Like many others I watched in horror the day America was under attack. That something beautiful – like Memorial Park – can grow from something so ugly speaks well of the spirit of the American people. So happy to know we are neighbours.

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply November 18, 2014

      It’s exactly what I especially love about the people I’ve met in US: their spirit and the friendliness. It just keeps astonishing me again and again.

  • I haven’t been to NYC since 911 myself. But I really want to go to the memorial. Friends that have gone have raved about it. It would be honor to see what rose out of such tragedy. Loved these pictures!

  • Eveliina

    Reply Reply November 18, 2014

    They have some pretty amazing stories and artefacts inside the museum, and the pools outside… they take the breath away – especially when it gets dark.
    You won’t be disappointed!

  • maxwell ivey

    Reply Reply November 18, 2014

    Hi Eve; want to welcome you back home. I went out of town for a couple days, and I traveled by bus; and i also took a couple days to get reorganized. :) of course it was the first time i had went anywhere without a family member since before my gastric surgery over two years ago. Glad you enjoyed your trip and I’ll have to remember that about the 911 museum’s coffee when that day comes that I finally get to visit the great city of New York. Its a place even a texan can say now that’s something. but the main reason for this comment is to thank you for your part in my ebook and to let you know that it has finally been published. After all, it was your invitation to the summit that got me started on it. The summit fell through but the book proceeded on. I got it back from lorraine over the weekend, and Ryan helped me get it listed via selz. just wanted to let you know and say thanks. take care my friend. xoxo max

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply November 19, 2014

      Thank you so much Max, it’s has totally been my pleasure and I’m so happy for you!
      Now you just have to start promoting it (and perhaps start a new one…) :)
      You take care, too!

  • Susan cooper

    Reply Reply November 19, 2014

    I would love to get to NY to see the 9/11 Memorial Park. Your pictures were great, but would be nice to make that visit in person. Thanks for sharing those with us. :)

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply November 19, 2014

      I’m sure we’ll see photos in your blog once you do :)

  • Jeannette Paladino

    Reply Reply November 26, 2014

    Evelina – I’m glad you got to visit NYC, my home town. I will never forget 9/11 as I lived through it and lost friends in the World Trade Center. It was so traumatic for everyone who lived here — I have many stories I could tell, both sad and uplifting. I visited the 9/11 Museum this summer and it’s extraordinary. You’d expect it to be crowded with tourists. And there certainly were many visitors but because of its massive size you don’t feel it. People were very quiet, almost as if visiting a sanctuary, which it is in many ways. It sits on hallowed ground.

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply November 27, 2014

      Can’t even imagine what you’ve gone through Jeannette. Sanctuary is quite descriptive word, indeed.

      I love your home town, it’s such an inspiring place!

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