I'm Eve Koivula, author, blogger and podcaster and I help struggling solo entrepreneurs who need clarity and focus to realize the business they dream about.

Instead of saying "You should do research" I teach exactly how it’s done to the point where you can finally answer the questions like who's your superstar client and why will your business be successful.

No more assuming what their problems are, guessing where they might be and hoping to reach them. No more spinning your wheels and wasting time, money and energy on marketing that doesn't work!

And one more thing you should know: Unlike all those big shot coaches out there, I'm taking your problems very personally and I'm taking pride of not leaving a stone unturned to find the answers to help you out.

With my students at the National Championships 2013

Eve Koivula

I'm a multilingual (Finnish, English, Swedish, Spanish) self-educated marketing strategist with 15 years of experience designing, managing and teaching marketing in multiple industries; IT & software, leisure and travel, textiles and beauty and so on.

I'm also a double World Champion endurance weightlifting (kettlebell sport) athlete, coach, instructor and trainer and a winner of multiple championships on two continents.

I love cooking, chocolate and jazz and spending time with friends and family. My favorite pastime is photography. I spend most of my holidays abroad in windy places with my entrepreneur/kitesurfer husband - you know, it's the thing that made Sir Richard Branson is famous... (Bazinga!)

Let's hang out:
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If you want to succeed in sport or business, you must pay attention to the technique, splurge on rest and recovery and enjoy what you do!

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