My 10 Favorite Free Internet Marketing Tools

best free internet marketing tools

best free internet marketing toolsI figured it’s time to list some of the best free Internet marketing tools out there. As we all know, there’s a LOT to choose from, but these are the ones I think I couldn’t do without – not in any particular order:


Create up to 15 minutes screen capture videos with this free software. And it only costs $15 to get rid of the watermark, too!


Keeps track of all your passwords, you only need to remember the one to login to LastPass! After saving a website’s username and password, it will autofill the login when you return to a site. Marketer’s best friend!


Easy to use mindmap software that works on Mac, Windows and Linux. I make most of my notes with this, or on


It took me a while to really get a hold of this but it was worth figuring it out. Now it’s open all the time and I for instance store all the frequently used blurbs, texts and html codes (such as the optin form below) in it. My swipe file is there, too, and a lot of drafts. Very handy notebook indeed!


Social media management software. Add a few profiles and play around with the free version, for instance organize your Twitter lists with Hootsuite.  Some of the paid features could use improving, such as the bulk scheduling and reporting with the “point system” in fact sucks.

Google Apps

It’s impossible to pick the most useful Google apps. I use Drive, Translator, Search, Gmail & Calendar on daily basis.


Autoresponder service. Free version covers 2000 email addresses and 12.000 monthly emails. I have used this for years, free and paid versions and nowadays the user interface is just fantastic, which hasn’t always been the case. Most autoresponders don’t translate to multiple languages but MailChimp does. Another reason to like it is that instead of a monthly fee you can also buy “stamps”, which makes more sense when the list is still small.


Beautiful forms that also integrate with MailChimp. You get 3 forms and 100 monthly entries with the free version.


This is a Firefox plugin that enables you to download videos from Internet on your computer. I for instance use it when I need to edit a Hangout, add an intro to it, extract audio etc.


Which ones would you call the best free Internet marketing tools? Please share your favorites in the comments!


  • susan cooper

    Reply Reply April 3, 2015

    Hi Eveliina,Some of these I’ve heard of but haven’t checked out. Some i already adore. But Lastpass sounds like a Godsend!! Tired of forgetting my oasi password and locking myself out of sites.

    • Eveliina

      Reply Reply April 7, 2015

      Lastpass IS fantastic! The only downside is that you can’t print out the list of logins and pw’s (Roboform enables that)

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