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  • All the steps to take - Don't miss the important step No #5!
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  • Where to promote your event - Free sites and resources at your use
  • Tips for your presentation - Make great impact without expensive equipment
Ultimate Webinar Checklist
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I'm Eve Koivula, author, blogger and podcaster, welcome to my website! I help struggling solo entrepreneurs who need clarity and focus to realize the business they dream about.

Instead of telling they should do research I teach exactly HOW it’s done - step by step - to the point where they can finally explain: ”This is why my business will be really successful..." - And then go and make that happen.

Can you, or could I help you with that?

Eve Koivula
Eve Koivula @NeatHomeBiz

"There's no difference between fitness and business. They're both about power, stamina, and flexibility. If you can squat, you can market!"
- Eve Koivula, Marketing Strategist and Double World Champion Athlete

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"Even if you never made it to the podiums and limelights, you have the capacity to be a business superstar!"

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