Do You Need Ideas for Your Blog?


muistitauluIf you are not a professional blogger, and the blog is just a tiny
part of your small business media mix, you often
get lazy posting regularly. One of the most common
excuses is that blogging is time consuming,
but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips to keep your business blog vital, even if you don’t have much time.

1. Make an appointment in your calendar to spend some time brainstorming ideas

You can easily come up with topics for weeks and even months of blog posting by using this simple system: take your main expertise and divide it to 5 categories, phases or steps, as if it was your coaching program you are talking about. Then list 5 subtopics for each of the five, and you will have 25 ideas for blog posts.

Once you have done this, write down an opening sentence for each of these posts, because now the topics are really fresh in your mind and you listed them thus you know you have something to say about them. If you skip this step you will subconsciously increase overwhelm, because you are telling yourself that this is something important you need to remember later. If you write it down right away, your mind gets at ease.

If you are blogging on WordPress platform, there is a free Editorial Calendar plugin available and I highly recommend using it. You can use that as a sort of a notebook for your blog posts, and also paste in all links related to your post. When you are ready to finish the post, you open a draft, edit it and schedule or publish right away.

2. Focus on one problem, offer one solution

Even though you should vary the length of your posts, I would recommend you only focus on solving one problem with one solution in a single blog post. If it means your post will only be very short, there is no reason not to publish it. You can write another post about the same problem with another solution later if you like. Just do not state the claim that this particular solution would be the only one.

3. Cheat and borrow

I’m not talking about stealing, but cheating is very useful sometimes. Even though you should rather carefully consider every headline you write, sometimes it’s okay to use headline cheat sheets.

You can also borrow material from directories like this EzineArticles, that is what they are for. If you want, you can add your own remarks and perhaps some photos and there you have a blog post.

Wait, there’s more…

In this article you find 16 tools to help you to come up with ideas

Here’s 50 Ideas Cheatsheet pdf for you.

What’s your favorite method to brainstorm?

This article of mine was originally published in EzineArticles


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