Podcast Episode 16: Choosing the Clients For Your Business


It’s time to continue from where we left off 2 weeks ago. We were talking about research and asking specific questions.

Once you’ve collected the information you need and have determined there in fact is a market for what you had in mind: You know who’s already there, how they do business and an idea of how to position yourself, then you move on to study the people you’re destined to help and their exact problems.

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You want to know as much as possible about them and the good news is, that social media has made it easier and more affordable than ever to access that information. Back in the day it was through expensive surveys that you were able to do what you can now do on Facebook, Blogs, Forums and Amazon.


choosing-clients-for-business-pinIf you’re not quite sure how to get started, here’s a video training has an answer.

Again, ask specific questions while doing this research, that’s going to help you focus, as social media platforms have the tendency of just sucking you in and get you distracted. You know that red dot on your Facebook profile header that says you have 46 new updates to see… Keep away from that!

If you cannot do that, find an assistant who does it for you. Just remember to arm her with very specific instructions. Otherwise you won’t be able to get anything out of the findings.

What you’re doing there is really just painting a picture of one person that might represent a group of your ideal clients.

Focus on how they talk about symptoms – and by the way if you need clarification to what those are, listen to the episode #3 – that stall them, detach them, make them feel guilty, frustrated, angry, overwhelmed, sad, disappointed, afraid, ashamed, lonely, powerless, tired…

Negative feelings, those are the cues you’re looking for.

At this point just pick up all of them if they make you say “I could help with that”, whether they’re on the list of solutions you originally had in mind or not. You can use a simple “playoffs system” to choose the ones to proceed with first.


Click here to download a pdf version of the chart


Store all these comments and conversations with the source so you can later go back to them.

Another important thing you want to find here is what solutions have they already tried while solving their problem. They usually also tell you why it didn’t work for them. That information is golden.

So a quick recap: Choose your questions, pick up a roadmap and dive in.

What big problems did you find that you can help to solve?

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