Podcast Episode 17: Breakthrough Ideas & More


On this quick episode I’m sharing free resources for those who struggle finding their breakthrough idea or with productivity issues.


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Tip #1: [Productivity] MyHours.com

You may have read the 33 Productivity tips post on this blog, and this has a lot to do with it, but in fact it has something to do with kettlebell sport as well. Let me explain:

Ten minute set is what we do on the competition platform. However it’s something you don’t just start doing – not with a decent weight anyway – but you gradually train one minute at a time. So you’re training with a clock, and what you learn is a couple of things:

How to pace yourself, and how to concentrate under pressure.

Couple of weeks ago I found a free online tool that does the same, only you can use it while working, and it keeps track of your hours for you. It’s MyHours.com.

Previously I have used my kettlebell timer, which is kind of like the pomodoro method: Work 20 minutes, rest 10, or whatever, but this is different, because instead of counting down, it counts up.

So it tells your how much time you’re actually using on a particular project. When you click start, it also helps you to focus on the task at hand, just like in sports.

Also if you’re working on client projects like me, you can assign the time to that project and it’s tracking your exact hours.

Using a timer has actually made me a lot faster to finish my projects and it’s giving me accurate information about what to expect from folks I’m outsourcing some tasks to. I think their efficiency has to be close to mine or they need to perform faster, because they do the thing for living and I’m an amateur. That’s what I think.

Tip #2: [Breakthrough] Workbook

The second tip today is a workbook by Dorie Clark. She has recently published a book called Stand Out and I was listening to her interview on Duct Tape Marketing Podcast the other day. I know she was also on SocialMediaExaminerShow with Michael Stelzner and probably a few other shows, too.

She has a free workbook on her site, DorieClark.com and it’s unbelievable!

It’s called “How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, your stand out self-assessment” and it has 139 questions to answer, for instance:

“Is there a hidden “good news story” in your field that most others aren’t aware of or talking about?”

“Are there parts of your background or resume that you consider “irrelevant” or out of place? How can you integrate them back into your professional life in a new way?”

“How can you see the challenges in your field through someone else’s eyes? What would a woman say? Or a child? Or a rock musician? Considering their perspectives may allow you to see the issue very differently.”

Podcast-17-motivationI think you should listen to the interview and get this workbook, especially if you don’t have what’s called a breakthrough idea.

I haven’t read the book myself yet so I can’t give a review about that.

Tip #3 [Motivation] Quote

Looking back makes you smart.
Looking forward makes you mature.
Looking down makes you wise.
Looking up makes you strong.

That last sentence is actually a physical fact, not just a metaphor.

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