Podcast: 21 Ways to Repurpose Webinar Content


Remember when I talked about scripting a webinar? That script may be very detailed so you can actually skip this part. But if you’re using just quick notes which most people likely do you may want to get a transcript of your webinar done. That’s step one.

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While Internet provides with a lot of visual content, it’s still organized according to written words. It’s because that’s how the search engines operate. At least for now. That’s why you want to have your content in written form as well so you can use that in many ways.

This list will not be in any way complete, but it gets you started.

21 Ways to Repurpose the Webinar Content

repurpose-content-sqYou can take that text and reprint it on your blog (1), newsletter (2), books (3), reports (4), article directories (5) and slideshare (6). Especially if you’re doing a Q&A, you may have a full series of posts or email course (7) right there.

You can extract single sentences and use them as tweets (8), status updates (9) and quote posters (10) on social media. And don’t forget to repurpose the opt-in copy, emails and other promo content. Bullet points (11), titles (12) and email subject lines (13) may also easily transpose to social media updates as well as infographics (14).

You can extract the audio. You may want to take a piece of it and for instance use it as an advertisement or sponsor announcement (15) on your or someone else’s podcast.

You can recycle the video as teasers (16), to promote your next webinar (17), course lessons (18), lead magnets (19) and bonus items (20) of your own course or give it to a partner(21).

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