Podcast Episode #9: Merchandise

THIS you can't automate or manipulate!

If you’re all about the money, sell information.

If you want to make a a lot of it and difference, your merchandise must be something entirely different.

This episode discusses the options of making money online and gives you the most lucrative online business strategy.

If You Can Squat, You Can Market – Business Lessons From Sport Arenas

This is for you if you have a business, but you cannot really say that you love what you do, or you’re thinking about starting a business but you haven’t taken the leap yet. Get surprised by how much your fitness and sports training programs have already taught you about business!

Your host Eve Koivula is a double World Champion athlete and a multilingual marketing strategist who worked on several industries since the late 90’s before starting her own business. She has coached multiple ordinary women and men to the podium and now she also helps to build strong businesses.


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