Jeannie Spiro,

Thank you for inviting me to speak in your Better Business Tomorrow Event 2014. It was a wonderful event and you were a wonderful host! I’m looking forward working with you again!

Ana Rosenberg,

Thank you for organizing  Better Business Tomorrow Event, your work and dedication for it were superb! My results were awesome, too: I signed up a multiple 5-figure client from the optins of your event.

Eve, I’ve made more progress over the past 4 weeks working with you, than I’ve made in 9 months on my own! Thank you!

Tuire, on 'coaching'

Eve was very thorough and provided a ton of tips and techiques I can use and teach to others. I also got an answer to every single question I had. If you want to provide the best to your customers, you want to learn from the best. I highly recommend Eve!

Markku, on 'coaching'
Krista Martin, Make Your Mark

I really enjoyed working with you Eve! You did a great job with the Better Business Tomorrow Event!

Sheryl Wolowyk, Expert Elevation

Better Business Tomorrow Event 2014 was a great experience for me. It was a pleasure working with you Eve!

Michelle Arbore, Savvy Social Media 4U

What a great event, Better Business Tomorrow 2014! I was so lucky to be one of the presenters, but just listening to the others was so inspiring and I learned so much. I am already looking forward to next years. Eve did a great job putting this together and I had a great time participating.

Your book is excellent! You have so many great examples for all the main points you make about copywriting!

It got my creative juices going, I discovered many great phrases to describe the product I am creating (a coaching program). It helped me clarify my image of the ideal client. It even gave me a blueprint to design the coaching program!

Thank you Eve!

Maria Solar, on 'Sell With Your Own Words'

Our business is to solve our client’s technology issues. We needed to find an alternative for CPC advertising so Eve showed us how to create a content marketing plan and she helped us to start a blog. We have resisted the whole idea of “being on social media” because we thought it's just for B2C and that it’s very time consuming.

Eve has proved us wrong. The first planning session took about 3 hours and as a result we had an editorial calendar for 9 months. Now our blog and newsletter take only about 2 hours per month to maintain. We have increased our list size by 25% in 3 months, which in this industry is better than excellent. We have also doubled the open rates, because also our old clients now know there’s something to wait for. Our sales personnel have received comments that the client has seen an article and therefore buys from us instead of going to a store, which is exactly the message we wanted to hear.

Our next step is to start promoting our services more on social media. After Eve showed us the process and how to use the tools it won’t take us more than a few hours a month but we will still have fresh content to share every day!


After our discussion I am now in the process of reorganizing everything. Thanks so much!

The material you sent me is very detailed and awesome. I am working through it and make changes to reflect it. Though I am experiencing fear of niching, I know it’s for the best and am excited about my direction. I am also more confident pitching to a client in my niche because I can use what I learned!

Tamay, on 'coaching'

Eve's book is the easiest book to follow for writing awesome sales copy. I love the step by step explanations she provides and will be putting her steps to work in the coming weeks.

If you are stuck writing your sales page this is the book to read!

I was going to spend some time on the weekend on this, but you won't be able to stop reading until you have read it all!

Susan O'Dea, on 'Sell With Your Own Words'

Your toolkit is a bloggers treasure! New bloggers and experienced alike will appreciate the gems you’ve offered in it for headline help, the article template and to activate the creative juices about what to write about. Without a doubt, this is my #1 resource for writing blog articles.

Cathy Aron, on 'toolkits'

Eve, this report I received from your training had the most valuable info I have received in any writing course I took (I’ve taken many!). The lists you put together are a true do-it-yourself headline writing treasure chest. Thanks so much!

Rochelle Gordon, on 'D.R.A.M.A. Headline Formula'

Thank you, this has been a great experience. The traffic to my site was up 250% for the previous month!!

Heather Cameron, on 'blog challenge'

My email list nearly doubled after utilizing just one of your tips, this is fantastic!

Miriam, on 'blog challenge'

Tons of good info there Eve!

Kelly, on 'toolkits'

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